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Put your digital power to work on our resilient, performant network.

Automation at the Network level

Maxihost only works with local Tier I transit providers and has dozens of direct network peers, resulting in a premium blend and a diverse network that always performs its best. And because we know better than to rely on external providers, we have taken the same approach on cloud automation and applied it to our network. The result is a self-healing, performance-based routing network that you can start to use in minutes.

Test our network speed in different regions:

Sao Paulo MH1Miami MI1Chicago CH3

Automated Routing Optimization

Maxihost's intelligent continuous analysis of route performance automatically reroutes traffic through the best performing path, bypassing congestion and outages.

Industry leading DDoS protection

Maxihost is a leader in DDoS Protection in Brazil, mitigating the country's largest attacks. We bring our expertise to all the other regions we work in.

IP features and pricing

Management IPAdditional IPYour own IP (BYO-IP)
Available ports (in Gbps)1, 10, 20, 401, 10, 20, 401, 10, 20, 40
Included for free
Move between servers
IP OwnerMaxihostMaxihostCustomer
Minimum Quantity1 IP1 IP/24 (256 IPs) or /48 (v6)
Custom ASN
BGP & Anycast
One Time Setup FeeFreeFree$200
Monthly IP CostFree$4 (v4)
Free (v6)

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