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Carefully built with automation and performance in mind. BGP, Custom ASN, Elastic IPs, and more.

We own and manage our network. Period.

To guarantee high performance, low latency, stability and escalability, we design and manage our network in every region we have a presence, using our own ASN that directly connects to Tier 1 providers. Our edge router infrastructure does not depend on third parties.

We have taken the same approach we use to automate our cloud and applied it to our network. The result is a self-healing, performance-based routing network that you can start using in minutes.

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Internet Exchanges

  • Florida-IX

Direct Peers

  • Charter - AS7843
  • Akamai - AS20940
  • Akamai DDoS - AS32787
  • Amazon - AS16509
  • Cloudflare - AS13335
  • CriticalHUB - AS23114
  • Google - AS15169
  • Hurricane - AS6939
  • Microsoft - AS8075
  • OVH - AS16276
  • ServerHUB - AS62904
  • Softlayer - AS36351
  • Tigo - AS13489


  • AS174 - Cogent
  • AS3257 - GTT

Performance at the Core

Maxihost connects to Tier 1 providers through 100G ports and has direct peering agreements with numerous providers, resulting in a low latency, high performance network. Provision your servers in 1G, 2G, 20G or 40G ports. Capacity will never be a problem.

Redundancy taken seriously

The Maxihost network was designed to be highly resilient and failproof. We only use renowned and trusted brands like Juniper and Cisco to support a topology comprised of multiple high capacity transit providers, redundant edge routers, redundant core switches and redundant top-of-rack switches.

Scale with transparent, predictable bandwidth pricing

Here is a chart you don't find everywhere. Providers will often make this information difficult to find or incredibly difficult to calculate, so we did the hard work for you.


*Taken from the public pricing page of each provider. Considers range discounts and free tiers.

DDoS Protection

Built-in DDoS Protection

Maxihost operates a high-capacity mitigation scrubbing center with more than 2Tbps of capacity that uses several BGP routing strategies to avoid the largest and most sophisticated types of DDoS attacks.

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