We believe there is a better way to work with technology

We build cutting-edge internet infrastructure products that help make the internet faster and safer.

On a mission to make the internet faster

We provide powerful, rock-solid bare metal servers and a software platform that delivers huge amounts of processing power and low latency at an unmatched level of automation.

Here is what drives our products and services:

  • Global

    Servers should be as close to end-users as possible.

  • Straightforward

    We handle the complexity so customers can spend less time managing their infrastructure.

  • Adaptable

    Products that are powerful and opinionated by default, but flexible under the hood.

Maxihost data center
Maxihost rack

A different take on the cloud

More than providing technology and services, we take a different approach to infrastructure. Maxihost’s fully automated platform combines the performance and security of bare metal with the automation capabilities of the cloud, allowing our customers to deploy a dedicated server in minutes across different locations around the world.

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