Our mission is to help make the internet faster

We are a technology company committed to serving other companies with cutting-edge internet infrastructure products that helps make the internet faster and safer. Companies of all sizes use our platform to run their applications and manage their business.

Our mission is to help make the internet faster

Maxihost provides powerful, rock-solid hardware and a software platform that delivers huge amounts of processing power and low latency at an unmatched level of automation. We enable our clients to scale their systems as new needs arise, always keeping in mind that our priority is to help them grow their businesses so that we can grow ours.

That is why we only hire the very best people to operate our servers — and to serve our customers. We work with dedicated teams to maximize our client’s IT workloads, from initial setup to every minute moving forward. And even though our automation gives peace of mind to our clients, we make sure it’s always easy to talk to someone.

Our pillars

Maxihost is more than a place to put your data. It's a place you can put your trust—like many of the world's leading brands do.

Power to the customer

Maxihost seriously strives to make configuration easier, no matter what size the client is, where the company is located, or what features they need. Hardware and software updates are just as easy to make. We give our customers greater control over what goes on with their servers.

Security is at the core of what we do

Making sure all the data we host is safe and locked down from any possible threat is what we live for. That is why Maxihost only works with best-in-class technology and highly trained personnel.

Faster is better

Maxihost aims for faster at every step — be it in regards to latency, tailoring our services to our customer’s requests or responding to last-minute adjustments. We make a serious effort to be agile.

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