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Algolia Improves Response Times by 90% in Brazil with Maxihost

improvement in search speed
growth in South America last year
average response time (down from 134ms)

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Founded in 2012, Algolia is a privately held company with offices in Paris and San Francisco, created by veterans in the fields of algorithms, search engines and text mining. Algolia helps users deliver an intuitive search-as-you-type experience on their websites and mobile apps. Algolia is a company dedicated to changing the way people think about search.

Algolia makes its beautiful search api faster with focus on growth, performance

Maxihost Dedicated Servers provides power and agility to get better products to market faster

Since 2012, Algolia has been providing an online, customer-focused, dev-centric hosted search API dedicated to changing the way people think about search. Today, with more than 1200 paying customers in over 100 countries, the company seeks to help users find things easier.

Algolia Julien

"Maxihost is our most important provider in Brazil" — said Julien, Chief Technology Officer at Algolia — "They perfectly understood all our requirements in terms of high availability, distribution across different data centers and specific hardware needs."

Maxihost Dedicated Servers delivers control, performance for compute-intensive workloads

Right now, Algolia is seeing greater demand for its services, which requires new environments to be able to deliver new features for those markets. This surge in interest means that Algolia must deliver new features faster in each country, and for each environment.

Maxihost Dedicated Servers assists Algolia not only to improve its experience with customers in South America, but also with keeping excellent backend performance with high end CPU and SSD powered servers.

The result: significant improvements in both efficiency and time. The Dedicated offering has enabled Algolia to spin up environments much faster than before, slashing response times from 134ms to 26ms in Brazil.

Customer's Business

High performance hosted search API that powers results in miliseconds, giving users the fastest access to what they're looking for.


The nature of Algolia's search API demands a distributed infrastructure in order to provide low response times to millions of users located throughout the globe. To meet booming customer demand in Brazil, Algolia needed to assume greater control, scale and speed via dedicated solutions.


Having grown its customer base by 14 times in the past year in South America alone, Algolia is offering the industry's best possible experience, with 90% speed improvement in Brazil since moving to Maxihost Dedicated Servers.

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