Cloud on your terms

White-glove Bare Metal Cloud and networking solutions powered by our fully automated platform.

Real servers, your choices

Whether addressing compliance or seeking a solution that fits your standard server kit, Maxihost’s got you covered. We'll work with you to deploy one or a thousand servers specific to your needs, from RAM to Rack.

Every feature

Just because you have different needs doesn't mean you should be left out of all the fun. Every platform feature is available for Custom Deployments.

Any hardware

The best hardware is the one that fits your needs, so we make sure our platform works on all certified servers from any major vendor.

All regions

All regions support Custom Deployments. If you need to be somewhere we're not, we'll work on it for you, from L.A. to Tokyo. Explore regions

Teamwork, from our team to yours

Preserve your teams' core competencies as you scale, while maintaining full control of your physical cloud. We empower your teams to do their best work so you can scale with confidence, without having to worry about unnecessary complexity.

Click on the video to see how we deployed 150 highly-available, high-density servers in MH1 , Maxihost's privately owned data center in São Paulo.

Deploy any image on any hardware

Our optimized image-based installer can install whatever image you need on all certified servers from any major vendor.

Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu
  • Redhat
  • CentOS
  • Windows
  • ESXi
  • Debian
  • Custom
  • More...


  • Supermicro
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Huawei
  • Quanta
  • Dell
Maxihost Dev Ops Team

Freedom to grow, adapt, and evolve

The challenge for Operations teams going multi-cloud is to enable automation through dynamic and distributed infrastructure while keeping control and security of their fleet. These teams will sometimes choose to build on-premises and spend out of their core competency, or buy sub-optimal resources from public clouds, deploying infrastructure that will get only half of the job done.

Maxihost Custom Deployments gives Ops teams total control over their infrastructure without the responsibilities and risks of traditional options—customized builds, unmatched scalability and all of the automation Maxihost is known for.

We are delighted to support our customers in expanding their business with Maxihost, a partner that ensures our customers can enjoy more comprehensive, end-to-end network services.

Monnie Deng
Head of China Pricing

Dedicated support each step of the way

Maxihost Custom Deployments helps you navigate each stage of your cloud strategy with comprehensive assessments, tried and tested practices, and powerful solutions relevant to your business. Our approach to global deployments has helped hundreds of mid-market companies and enterprises streamline their IT infrastructure.

MaxiHost Dev Ops Team

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