On-demand Bare Metal

Dedicated Hardware. Fully Automated. On-Demand.

Do More With Bare Metal

Our powerful, rock-solid hardware delivers huge amounts of processing power, low latency, and an unmatched level of automation. With Maxihost Bare Metal, you can scale your configuration to meet your demands, make changes in just seconds, and adjust your infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Deployed in minutes

You need your servers now, not tomorrow. Tap into our platform and get credentials in just under 10 minutes.

Automation is core

Automating Bare Metal is hard. We do the heavy lifting so you can get back to your business.

Multiple regions

Go closer to your users. Deploy in several locations across Brazil and the U.S., with Europe coming soon. Explore regions

Own the entire stack

Complete control, flexibility, and security, eliminating "noisy neighbors" and the hypervisor performance overhead.

A Network that actually works

A good network holds everything together. Maxihost only works with Tier 1 transit providers. Learn more

Unmatched Traffic

Infrastructure cost spikes are usually related to traffic. Not with Maxihost. Unlimited inbound and 20TB outbound are on us.

More power, less cost

Servers can be deployed in minutes. They can scale on demand. And with multiple options for meeting your processor and disk I/O-intensive workloads. There’s a reason so many IT teams are switching to Bare Metal—because it has the power and agility to keep up with fast-moving enterprises.

A Gigaom study shows that companies that don’t consider Bare Metal Cloud technology could be missing an opportunity to optimize application performance and cost efficiency.


Built for developers

Everything we do keeps developers in mind. From integrations to our powerful API, we make sure infrastructure adapts quickly to changes in your environments.

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Enabling innovation for the world's best search API

See how Bare Metal Cloud improved Algolia's response times in Brazil by up to 90%.

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