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Deploy internet infrastructure in Brazil

Maxihost is the best hosting provider for your websites and applications. We offer internet infrastructure services for thousands of companies in our own data center in São Paulo.

Managed services

Maxihost offers the expertise your company needs to simplify your IT operations.

Algolia Julien

“Maxihost perfectly understood all our requirements in terms of high availability, distribution across different data centers and specific hardware needs.”

Julien, CTO at Algolia

Algolia Julien

"During the first hours in Maxihost’s data center, we saw a great improvement in the latency of our servers.”

Yuri, CEO at Gamers Club

Serving customers from all corners of the world

Because we own and operate our data center we’re capable to provide a superior level of
service, efficiency and reliability. Our team is available 24/7 just feet from your servers.

Learn about our high capacity, low latency network to all South America.