Network Topology

Maxihost operates two strategically located data centers, interconnected through our own fiber optic ring with 40Gbps capacity.

Topology Summary

Maxihost’s network infrastructure has independent internet outputs in both data centers. Multiple 10Gbps links with national and international carriers providing low latency throughout Brazil and South America. Four scrubbing centers around the world gives Maxihost the ability to mitigate DDoS attacks of up to 1.4Tbps.

Network Infrastructure

  •   Multiple 10Gbps of internet output
  •   Mitigation of up to 1.4Tbps with distributed scrubbing centers
  •   Low latency to Brazil and South America
  • presence

Network Speed Test

Test files and IPs for ping.

Data center MH1 (ping

Data center SP1 (ping

Data centers and points of presence

Maxihost offers its services in two different data centers in the city of Sao Paulo.
In both, it provides independent internet outputs and its own fiber optic ring interconnected in 40Gbps.