Jelastic PaaS

Maxihost partnered with Jelastic to simplify environment provisioning, application deployment, scaling and management, as a result accelerating time to market and improving efficiency of personnel and cloud resource utilization.

Platform-as-a-Service for Developers

Jelastic is a flexible PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) with a rich web UI for easy creation, scaling and clustering of applications and microservices. With the partnership between Jelastic and Maxihost, developers have access to a turnkey solution comprised of Maxihost's top tier infrastructure and Jelastic's advanced technology to deploy and manage their applications.

Programming languages

How it works and benefits

By using Jelastic and Maxihost, you get a dedicated Jelastic PaaS installed as a Virtual Private Cloud on top of Maxihost servers. This turnkey package includes the following features:

  •    Servers located in Brazil, in Maxihost's privately owned data center.

  •    Developer UI for convenient environment management, CLI and SSH access for full access to containers configs and API for automation.

  •    Out-of-the-box support for Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby and Python.

  •    Wide range of built-in stacks: Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, TomEE, Spring Boot, Payara, Apache, NGINX, SQL and NoSQL databases.

  •    Managed multi-tenant Docker containers: standalone engine and swarm clusters.

  •    Zero code change deploy, support of microservices and legacy applications.

  •    Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling with high availability and load balancing.

  •    Pre-packaged auto-scalable clustered solutions.

  •    Built-in CI/CD tools and integration with different IDEs and plugins.

Jelastic Dashboard

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