Partner Program

Maxihost's partner program is designed to deliver everything our partners need to succeed in the dynamic technology market.

Partner branding Maxihost partners can make use of Maxihost's brand and reputation through the use of the partner logo and other marketing resources specific to the Partnership Program, subject to compliance with the brand guidelines.
Marketing funds Partners at certain levels may be eligible to receive funds to develop marketing strategies to increase their sales through the Maxihost Business Partner Program.
P&S discounts Partners at certain levels have access to discounts on Maxihost products and services that they can use to close more sales.

Program Structure

The Maxihost Business Partnet Program is designed to be simple. Maxihost uses a framework common to all partners. Partners fall into levels based on their business model and investment in Maxihost, as well as on the return obtained from this investment. The benefits offered to the partner increase based on their level.

The program is designed so that partners clearly understand what Maxihost expects from them and what benefits Maxihost offers. A centralized portal provides all business partners access to the information and resources they need to be successful in the program.


Partners belong to levels within their range, based on the size of the investment made in Maxihost through the sale of Maxihost products and services, as well as in the return on this investment. Business partners receive benefits based on their level. The partner can be in three levels - Silver, Gold and Platinum. Partners change their level by increasing their investment in the program and their sales volume of Maxihost products and services.

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