A monitoring strategy is extremely important to organizations that depend on their IT operations. Monitoring doesn’t mean only being able to know if your website or application are online, but if the users are not experiencing errors. Thus, choosing and configuring the right monitoring solution is critical to your company.

Advanced Monitoring Solutions

Automatic Notification Fast Reaction
Event Notification by SMS
Event Notification by E-mail
Active Intervention*
Monthly fee Free $120

*Fast Reaction includes our intervention in up to 30 minutes after the service anomaly is reported. We will act on the restart of the services related to a single device. We access the server, make the necessary commands to restart it, and if it does not work, we’ll reboot the server. If services are not back to normal, we will send the customer an e-mail to contact their sysadmin to look further into the problem. Service includes one equipment and unlimited services.