Bare Metal Cloud

Fully automated on-demand physical servers with flexibility and high performance.

Instant Deployment

Receive access credentials within 15 minutes.

Anti-DDoS Optimized

With automatic and transparent filters to the end user.

Hosted in Brazil

Servers are located in Maxihost's own data center in São Paulo.

1 Gbps Link

1Gbps link available for all servers.

Enterprise Hardware

We only work with latest generation processors.

Unmatched Traffic

5TB of transfer per server. Only $0.05 per GB thereafter.

The best solution in Bare Metal Cloud

Installed in MH1, Maxihost’s privately owned data center in Sao Paulo.

  • Protection against attacks

    Whether you host online games, e-commerce or other target applications of malicious activity. Attack is our problem and not our client's. We have a proprietary technology at fighting DoS and DDoS type of attacks, making automatic and transparent filters for the end user.

  • Flexible servers

    Customize all aspects of your Bare Metal. One or two CPUs, more RAM, SATA, SAS or SSD disks, with or without managed backup and more.

Addons for Bare Metal

Additional services to increase the security and continuity of your data and application.

Managed backup

Every business depends on data, so it is critical that every precaution to protect them are taken. Backups will protect your data from accidental loss, database corruption, natural disasters, hardware failure, and more. Keep your data replicated away from production. We take care of the configuration, maintenance and monitoring.
Learn more about Managed Backup

DDoS Protection

Keep your traffic flowing with Maxihost’s PFN solution. It protects service provider and enterprise networks from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks 24x7. Based on a purpose-built and highly redundant global network architecture, PFN can be activated in an instant to mitigate the broadest range of DDoS attacks.
Learn more about DDoS Protection