DoS and DDoS Protection

Maxihost's DDoS protection technology is pioneer in Brazil. We detect and block attacks without affecting your servers.

About DoS and DDoS attacks

DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks occur when one or more different virus or trojan infected computers simultaneously attack a single target. These attacks are iniciated by a hacker through commands sent to these computers. Usually, the targeted service or website get parcially or totally offline and can’t be brought back online until the attack is ended or an effective solution is installed to mitigate it.

Why Maxihost's DDoS protection

Our protection services are included in all of our services inside our data center, and in case you’re an autonomous system (ASN) and make the management of your own IPs, it’s also possible to get our DDoS protection services.

From the moment the protection is installed, our appliances start analyzing all traffic, segregating malicious from legitimate traffic automatically. In short, less worry for you and your customers.

Maxihost Powered Protection

Our proprietary solution for preventing and mitigating attacks.

  • Protection for Servers

    Hosted applications inside Bare Metal servers that need protection against these threats are installed in an exclusive and prepared network.

  • Protection for Networks

    Integrate your ISP with Maxihost’s network and keep your servers protected from attacks. Connection made possible through GRE tunnel or physically in one of Maxihost’s points of presence.