Managed Colocation

Total control over your infrastructure without the responsibilities and risks of traditional Colocation.

Why Managed Colocation

Managed Colocation takes the task of managing the device layer of the infrastructure out of your hands, without you having to give up control and flexibility of your environments. That means that besides taking care of the network and the data center, our experts will also take care of your hardware.

Another benefit of Managed Colocation is that it requires no initial capital outlay for hardware by giving you the option of having Maxihost buy it for you.

Managed Colocation

Traditional Colocation

Provider is responsible for the data center and network layers. Customer is responsible for the hardware and operating system layers.

Managed Colocation

Provider is responsible for the data center, network and hardware layers. Customer is responsible for the operating system layer.

Traditional Colocation vs. Managed Colocation

Traditional Managed*
Solution that manage your devices, the network and the data center NO YES
Access to areas restricted to data center personnel NO YES
4-hour hardware replacement guarantee NO YES
Remote access to administer and control your hardware and OS NO YES
24x7x365 on-site remote hands providing expert support when you need it NO YES
Hardware-as-a-service option means no initial capital investment in components NO YES
Management of the entire hardware lifecycle from vendor negotiations to disposal NO YES

*Only available in Maxihost’s data center.

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