ARM® The Edge

Announcing a new generation of ARM-powered Bare Metal Servers! Available now in São Paulo, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, with more locations coming soon.

Maxihost Ampere Specs

New servers, more power.

New hardware, powered by the Ampere eMAG processor, an incredibly dense, enterprise-grade server that ARM enthusiasts will love!

  • Faster NVMe storage

    Unprecedented reading and writing speeds and high efficiency across several workload types.

  • ARM based architecture

    Designed for the future of data centers, these 64-bit servers offer modern I/O, low latency and enterprise-grade security.

  • More cores for less money

    More performance per dollar invested. Cost-effective infrastructure with more cores, bandwidth and transparent pricing.

Maxihost and ARM

The future of the data center, available today.

Deploy ARM-based servers now and start using them in minutes.

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