Partner Program

Envie tráfego ao site da Maxihost através de um link especial e ganhe até 125% de comissão sobre o valor do plano que seu cliente contratar.

Affiliate Dashboard Manage all traffic sent to our website, including information such as access, conversions, total commission value and more.
90 days cookie If your client does not hire the first time he access our site, when he comes back, even if he does not use your code, we will know and you will be commissioned.
No limits for referrals Refer as many customers as you want. The more you refer, the more you will earn.

Progressive comission table

Monthly volume Commission
Up to $5,000.00 100% of the first monthly fee
From $ 5,000.01 to $ 10,000.00 110% of the first monthly fee
More than $ 10,000.01 125% of the first monthly fee

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