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Create and resize your instances on your terms.

SSD disks only SSD disks have faster i/o operations, improving the performance of your site dramatically.
Better cost efficiency Add managed services to your Maxihost cloud at any time.
Managed by experts We sell you the complete solution so you can better focus on your business.

Total control over your infrastructure

Grow your business, not your headaches.

  • High fliexibility

    With a modern management panel, Maxihost's Cloud Computing allows you to manage all your servers from a single screen. Increase and decrease resources, change the data center, isolate servers on different networks, and more.

  • Complete view

    View the consumption of CPU, Memory, Space and IOPS through a friendly interface. Know when your resources are low and plan to enhance your environment calmly.

Cloud control panel
Operating System Library

Huge Operating Systems Library

A huge variety of templates that can be installed with a click of the mouse. We provide the latest versions of Linux and Windows platforms. Create your own custom templates and scale their application in practical ways.

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